A panoramic photograph (panoramic photograph) is a photograph taken over a wide area. A landscape or portrait photo rather than the regular 35mm silver halide film aspect ratio (2: 3) or standard display / digital camera aspect ratio (3: 4). There is also a technology that creates 360-degree panoramic data on a personal computer and displays it continuously, which is also considered to be a type of panoramic photograph. In the case of a complete spherical photograph of all of the top, bottom, left, and right, the aspect ratio is (2: 1).

Panoramic photos are created by taking a series of overlapping photos of the scene and merging them together digitally using special software.

But wait! Why not just take a single photo of the scene with a wide-angle lens?

That’s a good question. There are many good reasons why you should shoot panoramic photos using multiple photos rather than a single wide-angle photo.

  • Your wide-angle lens may not be wide enough to capture the whole scene in a single shot
  • Photos taken with a wide-angle lens exhibit undesirable lens distortion
  • A panoramic image created from multiple photos is much larger than a single shot, and therefore can be printed at much larger sizes
  • A standard lens can be used instead of an expensive, specialist lens