Art Rental

You can choose from over 5000 artworks by contacting us with your requests and our consultants can arrange a portfolio specifically for you.

If you are looking for the finishing touch in a small office or a series of expansive artworks to fill a commercial lobby, Art Lease program offers solutions for all kinds of spaces and budgets, within one convenient platform.

Leasing Program
Art-Rental provides a convenient, flexible and an affordable way for clients to enjoy fine art in their offices through its leasing program.

Art leasing for business
We provide a flexible and cost effective way to create truly exciting spaces. Art in your workplace can make an incredible impact to your work environment, boosting creativity and enhancing your workplace culture. Whether to reinforce your corporate identity or simply communicate style, the collection has something for everyone!

Art leasing for your home
Whether it is one room or your entire house, art leasing provides a flexible and cost effective way to create truly exciting spaces. The gallery has been collecting, curating and promoting the value of Hong Kong art for over 15 years – with more than 5000 artworks by Laurence Lai, our collection has something for everyone!

Rental Term
12-month contract with streamlined renewal process (30-day cancellation notice at the end of the rental period)
Hassle-free, all inclusive package means that we cover delivery, installation and insurance